Billy Idol Shares His Plan B In Case A Rock Career Hadn’t Worked Out

Do you have a plan B in case your future plans might not work out? Well, Billy Idol’s plans as an aspiring punk rocker didn’t please his family at first, but luckily, he had an alternative option if his musical career failed… or at least sort of. The rocker recently discussed their family business, his dad’s reaction to punk, and how his mother started warming up to the genre during an appearance on the Heidi and Frank Morning Show.

So, being a punk rocker was not the best career path one might take in the late ’70s in England, and when Billy decided to drop out of college and join a band, his old man wasn’t the most supportive because he essentially didn’t know about punk rock. So, the rocker had the answer when the host asked if Idol had a plan B or a family business he could’ve worked on in case his musical career hadn’t worked out for him.

“We did have a little business, but I could’ve never worked for him,” said the singer as he discussed if he would’ve worked in their family business. “He [his father] knew how the job should’ve been done, and he just couldn’t have done it to his satisfaction. He’s a lovely guy; you know what I mean? So, I couldn’t have gotten [it].”

Idol then discussed his father’s initial reaction when he decided to become a punk rocker. He recalled, “Well, he didn’t understand completely. I mean, imagine when I said, ‘I’m leaving university, and I’m joining a punk rock group.’ Imagine, he didn’t even know what a punk group was. ‘What is punk rock?’ ‘A punk rock group?’ [imitates his father].”

The rocker continued, “He didn’t know what it was because nobody knew at the time what punk rock was. Really, nobody knew, just five other people or twenty or two hundred other people in England, in London, and then there were the people in New York. So, most people didn’t know, and I know why they freaked out.”

However, his mother enjoyed the punk rock scene. Idol said, “But then, with over time, my mum did come to like it. She used to come to punk rock gigs, and there was mohawk, super glued mohawk multi-colored guys, would stop her [and ask], ‘What are you doing here you old lady?’ and she would say ‘I’m Billy’s mom.’ [Then] they would bodyguard her. With their massive mohawks, they would yell, ‘It’s Billy’s mum.’ They helped her to come into the dressing room. She’s really into it.”

So, even if Billy Idol believed he could have never worked with his father, he was lucky that his family still owned a business. So, we might only guess that he could’ve built a career in a different field if his musical career hadn’t worked out.