Paul Stanley Says He Is Back In The Studio Doing Something Simple And Intimate

KISS guitarist and co-founder Paul Stanley thrilled the fans by announcing that he returned back to the studio via his official Twitter account.

Although most of the fans expect him to play and record new tracks for KISS, Paul got back to the work with his side project Soul Station, who released the debut album ‘Now And Then’ this year.

In the post, Paul mentioned that he only got a few of the Soul Station members into the studio and revealed that they are working on a new project even though they recently released a new album.

While Paul was pointing out that they are doing something simple but intimate with piano together, he also excited his followers by saying that it sounds pretty awesome.

Here is what Paul Stanley wrote:

“Back in the studio today with Laurhan, Alex, Crystal, and Gavyn. Missing the rest of Soul Station but doing something simple and intimate with just piano. Sounds awesome!”

You can check out the post below.