Wolfgang Van Halen’s New Song Is Revealed By His Mother In A Recent Sneak Peek Video

Former Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen posted a tweet on his Twitter account to react his mother Valerie Bertinelli‘s video which revealed a short part of his new song from the upcoming Mammoth WVH album and excited fans with the latest revelation.

The rock and metal music community was shaken after the devastating loss of Eddie Van Halen who was known as both an innovative guitar master and the co-founder of Van Halen. On October 6, 2020, his son, Wolfgang, announced that his beloved father passed away after his long battle with cancer.

Shortly after Eddie’s passing, Wolf Van Halen released his first solo record titled ‘Distance‘ which was dedicated to his father and their strong bond as father and son. Wolfgang’s tribute song turned out to be a huge success and managed to reach #1 on the Billboard charts within a short time.

Since Wolfgang’s first solo release was a big success, fans have been looking forward to listen to the rest of the album. In a previous interview he joined, Wolf talked about the recording process and unveiled that he is the one who is doing all the recording even though Mammoth WVH consists of Garrett Whitlock, Frank Sidoris, and Ronnie Ficarro, who will only join him for the live shows. In addition, Van Halen added that he actually had the album ready to go and revealed his plans to release it in the spring of 2021.

Recently on Twitter, Wolfgang’s mother Valerie Bertinelli excited fans with the video she posted which was apparently an audio of the sneak peek of Mammoth WVH’s upcoming song. Wolf also shared his mother’s post on his Twitter account and reacted to the short video of his new song with a sign of the horns emoji.

Here is what Valerie Bertinelli wrote in the caption of the video:

“Audio of the sneak peek!”

To which Wolfgang Van Halen reacted:


You can see the tweet Wolfgang Van Halen posted on his Twitter account below.