Paul Stanley On Mass Shootings, ‘It Can’t Be Mental Illness’

After the most recent school shooting in Texas, KISS’ Paul Stanley revealed his anger through his Twitter account and stated that it’s crazy that no one is doing anything about the gun laws. He also noted that the shootings cannot just be regarded as ‘mental illness.’

Twenty-seven school shootings have taken place only this year in the United States of America. The most recent one occurred on May 24 in Uvalde, Texas, in an elementary school where little children from seven to ten go. Before being shot down, an 18-year-old initiated the shooting and killed nineteen people, including children.

The school shootings in the USA are getting out of control, and people are starting to get angry and scared to send their children to school. The most significant factor they are concerned about is gun rights and that anyone can quickly get a weapon.

Hence, KISS’ Paul Stanley reacted to this and stated that the shooter’s psychology shouldn’t be regarded as a mental illness and should be left alone. He suggested that this is a problem regarding gun laws and advised leveling up the regulations governing guns. He stated that current laws are for single-shot weapons where you cannot do a mass shooting. It needs to change since technology has evolved from guns to automatic rifles.

Stanley’s tweet follows:

“Please Explain… We are the only country on earth that endures frequent mass shootings. It can’t be ‘mental illness.’

He continued:

“Sorry! Cut off. I was trying to say that it can’t be a matter of mental illness since every country has that as a factor. The founding fathers referred to rifles with muskets and single-shot revolvers, not automatic weapons whose purpose was only to decimate. If guns have been updated, shouldn’t we update the laws governing them? I’m asking for thoughts and opinions, not rudeness or stupidity.”

You can see the tweets below.