Paul Stanley Defends Jon Bon Jovi Against Fans’ Criticism

In a new interview with Allison Hagendorf, KISS’ Paul Stanley shared his thoughts about the artists that have changes in their voices as they get older. One of those examples included Jon Bon Jovi and his recent vocal surgery.

He mentioned the vocal challenges Jon Bon Jovi faces during the chat. He also shared his frustration at fans for criticizing singers, including himself, for the natural changes their voices undergo as they age. Stanley said of Jon:

“I feel for John and look, a certain type of singing is athleticism. And no athlete is what they were 50 years ago or 40 years ago or 30 years ago. There are very few singers around who come close to what they once did and I’ll raise my hand.”

He then touched on the fact that how some fans started to slam the rocker for having a change in his voice:

“Interestingly, the people who love you can suddenly spurn you. ‘I want to remember them the way they were,’ Well then don’t listen or don’t go. But the people who made you happy have a right to continue doing what makes them happy and that’s their right and your right is to not go.”

Jon’s Comments About His Voice

In 2022, the rocker underwent surgery for his vocal cords. One of his vocal cords had shrunk to the size of a thumb while the other had become as thin as a pinky finger. This led to difficulties in singing as the stronger cord was overpowering the weaker one.

Earlier, Jon Bon Jovi shared a health update 19 months after undergoing surgery on his vocal cords. During an appearance on Hulu’s new documentary series ‘Thank You, Good Night,’ Jon stated:

“I take pride in being a genuine vocalist. I’ve had the privilege of singing with Pavarotti. I understand the art of singing. I’ve dedicated 40 years to mastering this craft. I’m not just a performer who shouts and screams. I know how to sing.”

Jon reflected on his health challenges and jokingly mentioned:

“I’ve joked that the only thing I’ve ever put up my nose is my finger – so there’s no logical explanation for any of this.”

Jon himself hasn’t announced anything about upcoming tours or the possibility of new shows.

Watch the interview below.