Paul McCartney’s Upcoming Memoir Receives Backlash After Fans’ Orders Get Canceled


Although Paul McCartney excited The Beatles’ fans with the announcement of his new book ‘The Lyrics,’ he received a huge backlash as fans’ orders constantly get canceled.

McCartney’s new book ‘The Lyrics’ is due for release on November 2, 2021. In the book, the iconic singer and songwriter explained what inspired him to write the lyrics of the most legendary songs in the world. In the trailer announcing the book, he explained his inspiration for ‘Rocky Racoon,’ which was an accident he had.

The long-time music and book fans looked forward to obtaining a copy and feeling even more connected to their rock icon by knowing him better. However, it turned out that the book is going to be released as a limited edition. Moreover, although it is open for pre-orders, the buyers’ orders are being canceled due to high demand.

In the comments section of the announcement on Paul McCartney’s official website, one fan stated:

“My order from Hatchards is canceled. They apparently sold more copies than they’re going to get. It’s even worse than not being able to place an order at all. I’m very sad. Did anyone get the same bad news?”

Another fan then replied:

Same with me. They won’t even answer the phone at the Hatchards Support Desk 44 190 423 0692. I expected better customer service from Hatchards, I placed the order from their website, and it was confirmed immediately, approximately 12 minutes from the opening of the pre-ordering.”

Only sold in the UK and the US, the book received a lot of pre-orders in bookstores that there is a waiting list in most of them. Besides, the bookstores weren’t informed about how many copies they will be getting. Therefore, they are not able to put more people on the waiting list.

McCartney’s fans are complaining because they know that the people who purchase the book are buying it to sell at a higher price on websites like eBay. The selling price of the book is currently around $2,000. If it continues to be sold on auction websites, the fans will have to pay a fortune in order to own their icons’ book.