Paul McCartney Recalls The Accident That Inspired The Beatles’ ‘Rocky Raccoon’

The Beatles’ Paul McCartney posted a video on his Instagram account where he talked about the events he went through around Christmas that inspired him to write the song ‘Rocky Racoon.’ In the caption, the iconic singer also revealed that his book, ‘The Lyrics,’ will be released on November 2, 2021.

The Beatles are probably one of the most accomplished bands in the history of music. They are also regarded as the most influential band of all time with their songwriting skills and unique approach to rock music. The band broke up in 1970, but two years before that, they dropped their most commercially successful album ‘The Beatles,’ mostly known as ‘The White Album.’

The band wrote the songs while they were in Transcendental Meditation in India. The songs are a mixture of genres, and they reflect the experiences or memories of the band members. The critics considered the album as a postmodern work and praised its originality. The song ‘Rocky Racoon’ was also featured in this successful album.

An unforgettable memory of McCartney inspired the song. The line ‘Now the doctor came in stinking of gin’ was something that the musician experienced once in his life. As he tells, he was riding a moped, and when he saw how beautiful the moon was that day, he lost his focus, had an accident, and he blasted his lip open.

He then went to his cousin’s house, and she called the doctor only to see that he was drunk. The memory of the doctor not being able to insert the thread in the needle was so unforgettable that McCartney decided to include the drunk doctor in the lyrics.

Here is how he told the story:

“There’s an interesting little story with ‘Rocky Racoon.’ I was riding on a little moped to see my cousin Betty, it was a moonlit night, I said, ‘Wow, look at that moon.’ When I’m back, the bicycle is now here (pointing at a low ground), and there is no way to get it back up so, I’m hitting that pavement.

I smash my lip, bleeding away. I go ‘Hey Beth, don’t worry, I’ve had an accident.’ And she said ‘Oh my god. I’ll bring the doctor.’ I think it was around Christmas time, well he was pissed: ‘I think you need a couple of stitches.’ I say, ‘Have you got an anesthetic?’ ‘No, I got needles and thread.’ He’s trying to thread the needle but he can’t see it. He’s seeing a few needles, so Betty takes it off him, and she threads it. So, he was the ‘doctor’s stinking of gin, I never forgot him.'”

The song is listed as No. 22 in The Independent’s ranking of the album’s 30 tracks. Although an almost funny event led to the track’s creation, it started to inspire other things as well. The Marvel comics character Rocket Racoon, who can also be seen in ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie series, was inspired by McCartney’s ‘Rocky Racoon.’

You can listen to the song below.