Stone Gossard On Pearl Jam’s Future: ‘We Still Have The Fire’

Pearl Jam’s founding member and rhythm guitarist Stone Gossard recently spoke about the band’s future during an interview with Kyle Meredith. The musician stated that even though they accomplished many things, they still have the fire to allow them to create new things.

In 1990, Pearl Jam emerged to the rock scene with its alternative rock and grunge sound and quickly made its way as fans’ favorites. The band’s founding members Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready, and Matt Cameron carried the band to success in the following years with several well-received studio albums.

Nirvana’s well-known album ‘Nevermind’ was released around the same time as Pearl Jam’s debut album ‘Ten,’ and both are regarded as the pioneers of the grunge genre. The rock scene knew that Pearl Jam was a new band to storm the industry with the fresh sound the young generation had been craving for a long time.

It has been 32 years since the band gained prominence and is still an essential part of the rock music scene. Even though they have released eleven studio albums so far, they continue to produce and gain more success with their new music. Pearl Jam’s latest release was ‘Gigaton‘ in 2020 and received high positive recognition.

The band’s guitarist Stone Gossard recently spoke about how Pearl Jam will remain in a high position because they have that fire to keep them going. While other small bands still have a lot of range to complete and are not stuck with ideas, the older bands struggle to create new items. However, since Pearl Jame has that fire, they look bright to the future and are eager to continue doing what they do best.

Gossard’s opinions about Pearl Jam’s future follow:

“I think when you’ve been in a band, the bar gets set higher and higher because you have had these collaborations, and then it’s like news. ‘Can you do it again in a new way? Can you recreate it?’ Painted Shield is just getting to know each other, so there’s a lot of range still. Pearl Jam still has the fire. We still have the fire. I still want to make the definitive, post-21st century Pearl Jam records. So I’m still dreaming about what’s next for that.”

You can watch the interview below.