The Offspring Gives An Update On Band Members After Their Vehicle Cathces Fire


The Offspring recently shared a video on its Twitter account showing how their vehicle caught fire because of the car in front of them while they were on the road for their tour.

The band became a prominent figure in the rock scene during the ’90s when punk rock had achieved mainstream popularity. The Offspring has released ten studio albums and sold over 40 million records internationally, making them one of the best-selling punk rock acts in music history, along with Green Day and Rancid.

They achieved mainstream success with the third album ‘Smash,’ released in 1994. Although the album initially gained little mainstream recognition, it became more successful after the lead single ‘Come Out and Play’ got airplay on the Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM. They also hit the road for an extensive tour to promote the album from 1994 to 1995.

When the calendars showed the year 2021, the band’s tenth studio album entitled ‘Let the Bad Times Roll’ came out on April 16. It was the first record in nine years after their latest release ‘Days Go By.’ The album’s title track topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. Later, the band announced they would be on tour starting from April 2022 to support the new record.

The band recently reported on Twitter that they had an accident while continuing their tour that will last in 2023. They shared a video and explained that something flew off from the car in front of them while they were on the road for the next stop in Canada and caused a fire in their vehicle. Everybody on the tour team is healthy; however, their passports, luggage, and laptops have been destroyed.

The Offspring wrote the following on Twitter:

“While traveling through Canada yesterday, something flew off the vehicle in front of us and became wedged underneath one of our SUVs, and it caught fire. Everyone got out safely, but the luggage, passports, laptops, and pretty much everything else was destroyed.”

Later, the band informed the fans that they had safely reached Rimouski, Canada. The Offspring members noted that they would still take the stage at Les Grandes Fetes Telus and expressed excitement to see their fans there.

Here’s what the band said shortly afterward about the show:

“We are happy to report that everyone is doing ok, and we’ve made it safely to Rimouski and will be performing tonight at Les Grandes Fetes Telus. Hope to see everyone there!”

You can check out the tweets below.