Paul McCartney Thinks John Lennon Would Have Been All Over Autotune


Speaking on Apple TV+docuseries, The Beatles co-founder Paul McCartney stated that he thinks his late bandmate John Lennon would enjoy the experiment of the technology and use autotune if he were alive today.

The Beatles co-lead vocalist and songwriter John Lennon was born in 1940 and formed the world-famous band alongside Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr at the age of 20. He released six studio albums with Yoko Ono and five different recordings as a solo artist during his 24-years long career.

Unfortunately, Lennon was shot by a fan named Mark David Chapman while he was returning from his recording studio with his wife Yoko Ono, and he passed away at the age of 40.

The only remaining member of the Beatles alongside Ringo Starr is Paul McCartney, who was interviewed by ‘Watch The Sound with Mark Ronson’ recently, during which he claimed that Lennon would use autotune if he were alive.

Paul admitted that John never needed any special touches to ‘fix’ his voice in order to make it sound better. However, he was always eager to try new stuff, and that’s why he would definitely try autotune.

Here is the statement of Paul about John using auto-tune:

“I’d say that if John Lennon had had an opportunity he would have been all over it. Not so much to fix your voice, but just to play with it.”

In the same conversation, McCartney was asked whether he has been able to get over Lennon’s passing after all those years. The Beatles co-founder admitted that denial is the only way he can deal with his late bandmate’s death and that’s why he still can’t think about Lennon being murdered.

McCartney shared his thoughts on Lennon’s death saying:

“It’s difficult for me to think about. I rerun the scenario in my head. Very emotional. So much so that I can’t really think about it. It kind of implodes. What can you think about that besides anger, sorrow?

Like any bereavement, the only way out is to remember how good it was with John. Because I can’t get over the senseless act. I can’t think about it. I’m sure it’s some form of denial. But denial is the only way that I can deal with it. Having said that, of course, I do think about it, and it’s horrible. You do things to help yourself out of it.

I did an interview with Sean his son. That was nice — to talk about how cool John was and fill in little gaps in his knowledge. So it’s little things that I am able to do, but I know that none of them can get over the hill and make it okay.”

You can watch Paul’s conversation with Apple TV+ below.