Paul McCartney Shares The Story Behind His Favorite George Harrison Picture

In an interview with The Guardian on Saturday, Paul McCartney showed some never-before-seen photos of The Beatles from the 1960s, and talked about the stories behind them. One photograph in particular was, he said, one of his favorites. McCartney described the photograph:

“One of my favourite photos in the collection shows George Harrison, his face hidden by sunglasses, being handed a drink – probably a scotch and Coke – by a girl, and although we don’t see her face, we do see her dazzling yellow swimming costume. The composition was deliberate, and I’m glad that I didn’t move further away but kept George as the focus of the image.”

Something that would have surprised people in those years doesn’t seem to have surprised McCartney at all. He adds:

“In looking back on these photos of the good life, I’m not at all surprised that the colour pictures started happening when we got to Miami, because, suddenly, we were in Wonderland.”

All of the images were taken by McCartney himself. In the interview, he also made it clear that he’s always been interested in photography. The pictures include shots from backstage, from vacations, a few self-portraits, and many more.

In 2008, McCartney got interviewed by Uncut about the relationship of the two. He recalled one of his first memories about Harrison and said:

“He pulled out his guitar and played ‘Raunchy’, and that was it – he was in the band. He was a bit too young, almost out of the age range for us, a little too baby-faced, but he was just a great player.”

A year before the band’s broke up in 1970, McCartney and Harrison had a huge tension, which later turned into writing and composing songs directly aimed at each other. The two, fortunately, became friends again before the death of Harrison.

Considered one of the most influential bands in the history of music culturally and economically, the band published The Beatles Anthology in 1995 and 1996, which includes documentaries, three volume set of double albums, and a book about the band’s history.