Paul McCartney Shares An Open Letter To Save An Abused Animal


The Beatles’ Paul McCartney recently sent an urgent letter to the Indian government to rescue an abused elephant named Jeymalyatha.

Paul McCartney has been a vegetarian since 1975. For most of their marriage, he and his former wife Linda Eastman were vegetarians after seeing lambs in a field while eating meat. Soon after that, they both became outspoken animal rights activists. Following Eastman’s passing, McCartney continued his support to many animal-rights organizations, like PETA.

Sir McCartney has appeared in PETA’s campaigns, the most striking one being a video titled ‘Glass Walls.’ The musician narrated this video and harshly criticized the meat industry. In 2006, he and his ex-wife Mills traveled to Prince Edward Island to raise awareness about seal hunting. During the pandemic, McCartney also made a call for Chinese wet markets to be banned.

Recently, the Beatles icon came across two videos of an elephant named Jeymalyatha being beaten by its handlers in India. These videos surfaced in June 2022, and the Indian government denied the claims instead of taking action. Macca decided to team up with PETA India and wrote an open letter to the Indian government to request Jeymalaytha’s transportation to a rescue center.

In his letter, Paul McCartney wrote that he considers India a spiritual place that reveres elephants. He said cruelty towards animals can happen everywhere, even in their country, and what’s important is how they address this issue. McCartney then stated he is sure they will take action to send Jeymalyatha to a rescue center where she can receive treatment and care.

Here is what Paul McCartney penned in his letter:

“I have considered India a spiritual place since I traveled there in the 1960s. I was impressed by India’s cultural love for animals. I know India reveres elephants, its national heritage animal, but cruelty to animals happens everywhere, even in India. What reflects on a country’s values is how that cruelty is addressed.

That’s why I am confident that action will be taken to send sorely abused elephant Jeymalyatha (Joymala) to a suitable rescue center where she can receive specialized care for her psychological wounds and live unchained and in the company of others of her kind.”

He then continued:

“The videos showing Jeymalyatha being controlled with weapons and screaming as various trainers beat her are heartbreaking, but equally as heartbreaking is this social, intelligent animal is still being forced to live in solitary confinement, on concrete, nearly constantly in chains, under the control of those she can only fear.

I trust you agree that Jeymalyatha has suffered more than enough and deserves to spend the rest of her time on this Earth away from her abusive trainers, rehabilitating, and with others of her kind. I deeply appreciate your consideration of this urgent matter.

Paul McCartney asked the Indian government to take immediate action with his letter. Moreover, he described Jeymalyatha’s condition as heartbreaking and argued that the authorities would agree with him. On the other hand, PETA also sent a veterinary inspection report to the Indian government to prove Jeymalyatha was abused.