David Crosby Confirms Two Studio Albums In The Future But Not Supporting Tours


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young icon David Crosby shared a post on his official Twitter page replying to a fan who expressed his understanding of the musician’s decision not to tour again. On the bright side, the musician announced that he’s going to release two more albums regardless of whether he will hit the road in the future.

Some of you might recall that David Crosby released his eighth studio album named ‘For Free‘ on July 23, 2021. It received generally positive reviews both from critics and fans and found a spot in numerous charts, including UK Albums, UK Independent Albums, Scottish Albums, and many more.

Since the rocker recently released a brand new record, his fans were expecting an announcement about a promotion tour. However, being at the age of 80 and spending much of his time on a tour bus makes touring challenging. Therefore, Crosby answered a fan’s question on Twitter announcing that he’s most likely not going to tour for his album or the upcoming albums.

After seeing that the Byrds icon isn’t going to meet his fans on stage in the future, a thoughtful fan said his decision is completely understandable considering his age and health. That being said, the fan also asked David Crosby to release at least two more records since recording cannot be that hard compared to touring.

Surprisingly, David Crosby responded to that statement via a post on his official Twitter page and announced that he’s already working on two albums. As expected, his fans were head over heels after seeing this exciting announcement because it has only been two months since he released an album. Lucky for them, Crosby has no intentions of retire, and it looks like he’s going to make music as long as he can.

An understanding fan tweeted:

“Completely understand, David. So very bummed about no Croz concerts but I completely understand! I would not do it either. I can still hope for two more records, however...at least two please.”

Crosby replied:

Working on two already.”

You can see the Twitter post below.