Michael Schenker Says ‘I Wouldn’t Still Be Alive If I’d Accepted The Rolling Stones’ Offer’

During a recent appearance on Eddie Trunk Podcast, UFO guitarist Michael Schenker talked about the time he got an offer from The Rolling Stones.

In the conversation, Michael mentioned that a short period of time after he joined UFO, he got a phone call that asked him if he would want to audition for The Rolling Stones.

Michael was shocked after he got this offer and hung up the phone thinking that he’ll give his answer later. But the offer was dropped after he hung up the phone, and he never had a chance to play with them.

However, Michael pointed out that he wouldn’t be alive if he’d joined The Rolling Stones because of the lifestyle that he saw in the magazines. Because of that, he said that he’s glad he didn’t join the Stones.

Eddie Trunk asked:

“You’ve had an unbelievable influence on so many guitar players, but you’ve never really joined established bands. Obviously, in Scorpions, you were in and out of, but you’ve never really done that sort of thing, and I want to ask you, did The Rolling Stones approach you at one point?”

Michael Schenker replied:

“I got a phone call, I just joined UFO, and it was probably the same month, two months later, I don’t remember. I didn’t have a telephone, I had to go to my landlady, answer the telephone, and there was a request, ‘Would you want to audition for The Rolling Stones?’

And I went, ‘Uh, let me call you back.’ I hang up, I was so nervous. I made my trip to England, any band that would ask me from England I would go there because, in Germany, nobody understood what I was doing on my guitar, and it was all disco music and no music management.”

He added:

“But because I hang up, I never had the connection, and I’m glad I didn’t because I didn’t want to go that far. Probably today I wouldn’t be still alive if I had joined them.

But maybe that was just in my imagination what the magazines presented, how crazy these musicians are, it’s not always that true.”

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