Paul McCartney Reflects On John Lennon’s Criticism Of His Lyrics

The Beatles’ Paul McCartney recently poured his heart out in his new book ‘The Lyrics: 1956 To The Present,’ diving into the past events that inspired him and his bandmates to write the iconic lyrics of their iconic songs. He followed the book with an extensive interview with Barnes & Noble and revealed that he can now appreciate the challenges John Lennon gave him back in the day.

Even though The Beatles were, and still is, considered the most influential band of all time, the relationships between the band members were not very smooth. Unfortunately, the band had a short career span, but even though they were only together for roughly ten years, the Beatles became the most well-known rock band of all time.

Their separation was as dramatic as it could get, and it jeopardized their personal relationships as well. Thankfully, the band managed to make amends before Lennon was tragically murdered in 1980 and Harrison died in 2001. Some people tend to understand the value of others once it is too late.

In his recent conversation, that was also the case with McCartney’s. He revealed that he used to be angry at how Lennon would disagree with him, especially when composing songs and lyrics. This was irritating back then, but now he can understand that this relationship of a ‘ping-pong’ game is very valuable.

Here is what McCartney said about Lennon:

“If I write a song called, It’s Getting Better All The Time [Getting Better], then John would likely chirp in with, ‘It couldn’t get much worse.’ Now I realize, ‘Wow, that’s very valuable in the creative process to have someone who doesn’t just go, ‘That’s nice.’

So we had that ping-ponging technique. I’d write a line, he’d write a second line, or he’d write a line. It was really good, we were very helpful to one another. And now I can look back on it in a loving way and think, that was very special.”

You can watch the full interview below.