Paul McCartney Reflects On Being A Better Musician Than John Lennon, George Harrison And Ringo Starr


Paul McCartney recently attended The Howard Stern Show and talked about the creation process of his iconic song ‘Yesterday.’ When Stern asked if McCartney considered leaving the band after the success of ‘Yesterday,’ McCartney stated that he was better off having three legendary musicians by his side.

The Beatles are probably the best-known rock and roll band in the world. Their songs have traveled across all around the world. Unfortunately, their successful career didn’t last that long. Their band career spanned only ten years, and they have become the most accomplished band in the rock and roll industry and made it difficult for other bands to beat them.

The song ‘Yesterday,’ released in 1965, is one of the band’s most recognized songs and had a considerable impact on their success. Written by McCartney, it showed a slight shift in their style as it was not a rock song. In The Howard Stern Show, McCartney talked about how this song came to him in a dream, and he composed it while he was away on holiday.

Once he introduced ‘Yesterday’ to the other Beatles, they stated that there was nothing they could add to it. McCartney ended up performing it alone on stage and was so embarrassed by the experience that he didn’t want to release it as a single in the UK.

Here is what he said about the embarrassment ‘Yesterday’ caused him:

“We were very honest with each other, and that was it. The thing was, for me, it was a little bit embarrassing because I didn’t want to be the guy who was out on the stage on his own. Because there is a lot of comfort in being in a group of mates and then suddenly once I’d done this song… Because you know, it came to me in a dream and then I wrote the lyrics when I was not with the band, I was on a holiday. So, when I brought it in, it was just me, solo guitar, and that was it.

The guys just said, ‘Well we can’t put drums on that, it doesn’t need it, and the one guitar is doing enough.’ But it was a little bit embarrassing, so embarrassing that we elected not to do it as a single in Britain. We said, ‘No we can’t put that out, we’re like a rock group.’ But they insisted in America, so, I think it was a single in America. But we didn’t really want to do it. We liked it and stuff, but it wasn’t a big feature of our stage act.”

Although he was embarrassed, the song became a worldwide hit and one of the most known songs of the band. As it was created without the band’s contribution, Howard Stern asked McCartney if he ever thought he was a better musician and considered continuing his career as a solo artist at the time. The musician said that John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr were important musicians, and it didn’t make sense to part his ways with them.

Here is what he stated about his then-bandmates:

“If I’d have had just three ropey musicians with me, then maybe that thought starts to occur, ‘Hey. I’m better than these guys.’ But when you’ve got John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, you don’t mess with that.

You can watch the interview below.

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