Paul McCartney Recalls John Lennon’s Reaction To The Best Song He’s Ever Written

The Beatles’ co-lead vocalist, co-songwriter, and bassist Paul McCartney joined The Howard Stern Show for an interview. During the show, he revealed how John Lennon reacted to the song Paul considers the best song he has ever written.

Paul McCartney achieved worldwide fame as a member of the iconic rock band The Beatles. Since the band’s formation, the musician made significant contributions to the band’s success with his bass-playing and especially with his songwriting. Moreover, McCartney’s songwriting partnership with John Lennon is still the most successful in music history.

The musician has written or co-written a great number of songs, and many of them became hits. To discuss the creation process of 154 songs featured in his musical catalog, McCartney wrote a new book titled ‘The Lyrics: 1956 To The Present.’ Scheduled for release in November, the book also includes exclusive material.

During his appearance on The Howard Stern Show, the host Howard Stern and McCartney talked about the best song he wrote throughout his career. In the interview, Stern mentioned that the musician revealed the song in his book ‘The Lyrics.’ He then said he felt pretty shocked when he saw it was The Beatles’ ‘I Saw Her Standing There.’

Following that, Stern quoted the song’s lyrics, ‘She was just 17, never been a beauty queen.’ He then asked McCartney whether John Lennon’s reaction to those lyrics was really ‘No f*cking way!’ As a response, the musician said he and Lennon looked at each other, and Lennon said the aforementioned phrase.

In the interview, the host Howard Stern told Paul McCartney that:

“I love this book ‘The Lyrics,’ because you go ‘One of the best songs I ever wrote,’ and then, I was shocked when it was this one. [‘I Saw Her Standing There’ plays]

What a song, Paul. I loved that whole thing. You were writing it, and you go ‘She was just 17, never been a beauty queen.’ That was your first thought, and John said to you, ‘No f*cking way!’ right? You were not going to say ‘never been a beauty queen.'”

McCartney then said:

“Yeah, we both looked at each other, and I knew that he was going to say that. I was like ‘Oops, this is not good.’

You can watch the interview below.