Paul McCartney Picks The Best Beatles Song And It’s Not What You Expected

During the latest episode of his podcast McCartney: A Life in Lyrics, Paul McCartney named his favorite Beatles song.

The best Beatles song for the musician may come as a surprise for some. The musician revealed:

“I’m often asked what my favorite song I’ve ever written is, and I don’t ever really want to answer it, but if pushed, I would go to ‘Here, There and Everywhere.'”

He went on to explain how Fred Astaire influenced the making of the 1966 track from the band’s ‘Revolver’ album:

“The way [‘Cheek to Cheek’] resolves up its own tail, I always found wonderful. And I think somebody said I do it in [‘Here, There and Everywhere’].”

How McCartney Wrote The Song

McCartney likes how one sentence connects smoothly to the next, like when he sings, ‘Nobody can deny that there’s something there / There, running my hands through her hair.’ The singer also said he wrote the song while waiting for John Lennon to wake up one day. He explained:

“I would go out to his house for a writing session, and he wasn’t always up. So I would often have 20 minutes, half an hour, while someone told him I was here, and he would get up. I remember sitting out by his swimming pool in his house in Weybridge, which is a golf suburb of London. I had my guitar because I was ready for the writing session. So we sat out and started something…it just went quite nice and smoothly. So by the time I came to write with John, by the time he deemed to get up and have his coffee, I would have something to go on.”

But the rocker wasn’t sure where the song’s lyrics would lead. He said that while writing lyrics, they need to support the song’s melody rather than being the focus.

You can listen to ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ below.