Glenn Hughes’ Supergroup Containing Robert Plant – Jimmy Page Chemistry

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page‘s artistic genius was the most critical factor that made Led Zeppelin one of the most prominent rock acts of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Although Led Zeppelin mostly worked collaboratively in their songwriting process, Plant and Page generally stood out as the principal lyricists of the group. The two notable names joined their forces and contributed many remarkable songs to the band’s catalog.

Maybe Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980, yet Robert Plant and Jimmy Page did not end their creative collaboration. The songwriting duo first worked together in Plant’s 1984 project, Honeydrippers. Then, they also formed a new group named Page and Plant in 1994 and released one studio album, ‘Walking into Clarksdale,’ in 1998. Plant and Page have had a unique creative bond that is hard to compare with other duos. However, Glenn Hughes had the same chemistry as these musicians in his supergroup.

Glenn Hughes Had The Robert Plant – Jimmy Page Harmony

In his career spanning over five decades, Glenn Hughes has built a reputation as one of the most influential voices in rock history. He is best known for his tenures in Trapeze, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath. Hughes has been nicknamed the ‘Voice of Rock‘ by his fans due to the diverse vocal style that sets him apart from the other notable vocalists.

Glenn Hughes has been still very active in his career. The singer currently fronts the supergroup Black Country Communion, which he formed with the guitarist Joe Bonamassa in 2009. Later, they added drummer Jason Bonham and keyboardist Derek Sherinian to their final lineup. The band’s albums stood out with the prolific songwriting partnership between Hughes and Bonamassa.

During an interview with Ultimate Guitar in 2010, Glenn Hughes talked about how Black Country Communion members came together. Hughes thinks that he and Joe Bonamassa are the two creative forces of the group, as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were in Led Zeppelin. The singer stated they have perfect chemistry that allows them to work in a comfortable environment and get under each other’s skin. All they needed to do was add two other band members to complete their present harmony.

Here are Glenn Hughes’ statements on his partnership with Joe Bonamassa:

“Joe and I and Kevin Shirley, the producer, had a little after-concert drink while we were getting changed back into our clothes after the show in L.A. Kevin’s idea was to bring Jason and Derek in. I’ve known Jason since he was two years old; I played with his father when he was in Zeppelin, so it was great to have Jason as my partner in the band. I’ve known Derek Sherinian since the early nineties when he was in a Dream Theater band, and he’s an amazing Hammond organ player.

It was pretty easy, man. Joe and I are the Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, if you will, and we brought the other two guys in. I wanted to have a band name rather than use Bonamassa, so we just decided on me getting the band name and creating a logo. I worked on that logo for two to three months; I wanted that logo to be strong to rock fans. I wanted it to be a rock ‘n’ roll logo that rock fans would feel. This band is a people’s band, a rock fan’s band. My band is for your people; this band is a rock fan’s band.”

According to Glenn Hughes, he and Joe Bonamassa have this incredible creative connection that moves their music to the next level, just like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page did together in Led Zeppelin for years. Thanks to their harmony, the band has released four studio albums thus far and is working on their next one these days.