Paul Gilbert Claims Led Zeppelin Was Not A Hard Rock Band

Mr. Big guitarist Paul Gilbert talked about the iconic album of Led Zeppelin ‘The Song Remains the Same’ and emphasized that Led Zeppelin could not be considered as a hard rock band by defining them as a heavy blues band during his recent interview with Louder Sound.

As you have already known, Led Zeppelin recorded its live soundtrack album entitled ‘The Song Remains the Same’ between July 27 and 29, 1973, and released the album on September 28, 1976. The album tracks which are ‘Rock and Roll,’ ‘Celebration Day,’ and ‘Stairway to Heaven’ became very popular hits and the most iconic songs of Led Zeppelin.

Paul Gilbert stated that he was enchanted by Led Zeppelin’s sounds and lyrics and practiced the songs in front of the mirror many times. He was very bored when he saw ‘The Song Remains the Same’ movie which included three-night concerts of Led Zeppelin. Then, he started to wait impatiently for listening to the soundtrack album of the band’s movie.

In his recent interview, Paul Gilbert also reflected his ideas about the genre of Led Zeppelin by showing the live soundtrack album of the band as an example. According to Mr. Big guitarist, Led Zeppelin was a heavy blues band even though their fans and most of the music critics defined them as a hard rock band. Gilbert couldn’t agree with them after he had listened to the album.

Gilbert stated in his interview that:

“I spent a lot of time playing along to this one in front of the mirror too. It took a long time to get into because it had those long instrumental sections, and when I first saw the movie I was bored out of my mind, ‘Get to the song already! Let the singer come back to the stage!

You had to invest some time in it, and when the band did come back in with the song it was such a relief, a release of tension.

They did a great version of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and all the little blues things in there and it had a lot of shuffles.  Led Zeppelin was always a heavy blues band, but I think you heard it really and apparently on this album.”

You can listen to some of the songs from the album below.