Pattie Boyd’s Sorrow Over Eric Clapton’s ‘Stab In The Heart’

George Harrison never had it easy. His lavish lifestyle with the Beatles surely seemed dreamy from the outside, with many envying his status as a much-celebrated rock star. Well, it was hard not to when considering Harrison’s mansion, with its vast lounge and eight bedrooms, was far from all the modesty; his garage was filled with the latest sports cars, and all his recordings usually become sold-out hits.

Still, he didn’t have it easy, as his life started taking a turn for the worse into the late 60s. George’s relationship with his bandmates was falling apart from not being as close to John anymore to often having arguments with Paul due to creative differences. Soon into the 70s, the band disbanded, and when Harrison thought things couldn’t get worse, another essential piece in his life started falling apart.

His marriage to Pattie Boyd had slowly dissipated over the years, and when the former Beatle learned that his friend, Eric Clapton, was in love with his wife, it might not be hard to imagine how challenging all of these had been for George since it’s evident that he wasn’t exactly lucky in the friendship department.

However, the only rocker who hadn’t had it easy wasn’t poor Harrison. Clapton, the then-lover boy, struggled with his feelings for Boyd to no demise. It was challenging for Eric to open up to Pattie, so with nothing much to do, he decided to compose what would become the hit piece and iconic ballad, ‘Layla.’

Although Boyd was flattered upon hearing the song, she was worried that things would make their way to George, who was restless at the time due to his career troubles. So, she rejected Eric’s offer to leave her husband and run away with him, leaving the guitarist with a stab in the heart.

Into the 70s, however, it was clear that Harrison’s marriage was falling apart, and with Clapton’s recent release from rehab, Pattie decided to leave George for good and hopefully form a much more pleasant marriage with Eric, though; things wouldn’t be as easy.

The couple’s marriage had no significant problems in the first years, but as Clapton relapsed on alcohol and had several affairs with different women while touring, Pattie realized that hoping for a better future turned into a distant wish. So, she decided to try out her luck with having children since she would love to be a mother, and luckily, Eric supported her.

However, as years passed, it became apparent that she had problems conceiving, so again, with her husband’s support, Pattie started seeing several doctors and got IVF sessions to form a family with Clapton… only to find out that he already had children.

Boyd was no fool and probably was aware of Eric’s affairs during the long months of touring worldwide, but she didn’t know that he had children with two different women. She recalled during a chat with StarSat in 2018 how the guitarist came up to her to admit his paternity regarding a daughter, and when Boyd joked that if there were any other kids, Clapton slowly confessed that there was one other.

Pattie recalled her guitarist ex-husband’s confession:

“It was horrible. It was a stab in the heart, horrible. I just said to him, ‘No, you’re kidding; how many more do you have?’ He just said, ‘Well, just the two.'”

So, when Clapton admitted that he had two children with different women, it deeply broke Boyd, who was trying to become a mother herself. She divorced Eric soon after that, going her own separate way… which makes it apparent that in the love triangle of Harrison, Boyd, and Clapton, no one had it exactly easy.