Wolf Van Halen’s Bandmate Involved In A Car Accident


Wolfgang Van Halen shared an open message for his bandmate Frank Sidoris, who was involved in a car accident, via his official Instagram account.

Yesterday, Wolfgang and his band Mammoth WVH performed in Monster Energy Aftershock 2021. However, their guitarist Frank didn’t appear with the band during the show which surprised their fans.

After the show, Wolfgang made an official announcement on Mammoth WVH’s Instagram account and revealed that Frank was involved in a serious car accident before the show, and that’s why he couldn’t join them on the stage.

As Frank announced, his wife Alexandria was severely injured, but her injuries are mendable through surgery and months of physical therapy. Fortunately enough, he didn’t get any serious injury following the accident.

While Wolfgang showed his support and love for the Sidoris family by saying that he hopes to see them well soon, he also stated that they will continue touring until Frank joins them in the future.

Here is the announcement from Wolfgang and Mammoth WVH:

“People have been asking us why our friend & guitarist Frank Sidoris didn’t perform with us today at Aftershock Festival… We were waiting until Frank was able to give his blessing for us to forward this message.

We as Mammoth, will continue the remaining dates as a four piece until Frank can join us. We love you Frank and Allie, please get well soon!

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Photo Credit: Mammoth WVH – Instagram
Photo Credit: Wolfgang Van Halen – Instagram