Pattie Boyd Shares What Attracted Her To Eric Clapton

The turbulent relationship between Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton lasted for nearly eight years, ending when Boyd decided to leave the guitarist due to his alcohol addiction, verbal abuse, and unfaithfulness. While recently revealing her top 10 songs to Classic Rock, Pattie also included Clapton’s ‘Layla,’ written for her, and explained why he was attracted to the guitarist in the first place.

“Eric had been on tour with his band and had come back to London for a few weeks,” Pattie Boyd recalled, referring to the first time she heard ‘Layla.’ “He asked me if I’d like to come over to the band flat and hear what they’d been doing in Miami. He played it to me on a cassette and said to me, ‘You know why I wrote that…’ I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, really? This is a little public… and I’m married to George.’”

Although Boyd felt strange about the song since she was married to George Harrison then, the model also felt flattered. She noted, “I wanted it to go away, although I loved it at the same time. It caused huge storms in my head. I thought Eric was incredibly attractive and sexy, and he was great to talk to. I was going through a bad time with George, and Eric was a good listener.”

When Eric Clapton wrote ‘Layla’ and made Boyd listen to the song, the relationship between Pattie and Harrison had been on the rocks. Pattie Boyd was very much attracted to Clapton due to his attentive behavior toward her. Boyd really enjoyed talking to the guitarist and feeling heard by someone while she was going through a tough time in her marriage with George.