Simon Wright Recalls Angus Young And Eddie Van Halen’s Jam

The intertwined rock scene has enabled musicians to connect and form close relationships. Artists have enjoyed working with one another, and not only professionally. Former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright recently joined the AC/DC: Beyond The Thunder podcast and revealed a fun memory featuring Eddie Van Halen and former bandmate Angus Young.

Recently, Wright discussed various topics from recalling past memories to naming the silent leader of AC/DC. As a musician who has been on the rock scene for decades, the drummer had many things to share. When Simon was asked about the time he witnessed Van Halen and Young jamming, the musician laughed.

Simon explained that AC/DC had a tuning room that Angus Young would use to get prepared for the shows, but the other band members would also use the room. One night, when the band was getting ready to perform, Wright decided to go to the tuning room. and when he opened the door he witnessed something peculiar. Eddie Van Halen and Angus Young were playing together, which impressed him.

The musician said the following about seeing Van Halen and Young jamming:

“They were in the tuning room when we would all be in the dressing room. There was a little tuning room just for Angus to warm up or whatever. We would usually all head out to the tuning room and get back to the stage. So, we were all ready. I was head over there and opened the door, and there was Eddie Van Halen and Angus jamming. I was like, ‘Wow. That’s cool.'”

Wright then said that Eddie made his way to him and chatted with him. The drummer recalled Eddie being really nice and down to earth during their chat. The Van Halen icon even gave Simon his phone number and told the drummer to call him. Yet, Wright never gave him a call.

The drummer’s words on Eddie Valen Halen:

“I said a lot to Eddie, and he just started to chat his way to me, he was a super nice guy. Just down the earth and friendly. He even got me his phone number. He said, ‘Give me a call, man.’ I didn’t, obviously.”

It’s apparent that their common enthusiasm for guitar playing had built a bond between Eddie Van Halen and Angus Young. Simon Wright revealed that the two rockers played together, just for the fun of it. The drummer shed light on his past by sharing this fun memory with his audience.