Pattie Boyd Shares The Story Behind Her Iconic Photo With George Harrison

In 1968, two years into their marriage, Pattie Boyd and George Harrison took a picture in front of blooming red roses in their home, which later became an iconic photograph. In the photo, Boyd’s expression, Harrison’s pose, and the harmony of red roses and Boyd’s blue top looked beautiful together, and the photo capturing all of these has become really popular. Pattie Boyd, who decided to capture that moment, shared the story behind this photo in a conversation with The Guardian.

“Putting my camera on a tripod I wanted to capture the roses in bloom,” she said, remembering how the inspiration for the photo came about. “A willing model, George, and I stood waiting for the shutter to click. He impatiently looked away, and I look worried. If I had known this photo would have become so popular, I might have fixed my hair!”

Boyd and Harrison got married in 1966 and were together for over 10 years. However, a few years after this photo was taken, many problems began to emerge in their relationship and they couldn’t fix them. As Boyd later revealed, it was very difficult even to talk to Harrison. Moreover, they both had different affairs, and thus, their relationship came to an end.

Perhaps what this photograph was able to capture was much more profound. In the photograph, Harrison’s ‘bored’ stance and Boyd’s intense expression also say something about the story of the two. But it’s been years since it all happened, and Boyd seems to remember this photo and its story with a smile.