Paris Jackson Reacts To A Fan Questioning Her Role In American Horror Stories


Paris Jackson has responded to a fan who asked the reason why she is taking part in the television series American Horror Stories in a recent tweet on her Twitter account.

Paris Jackson is known for pursuing an acting career as well as keeping her presence in the music industry. She made her acting debut in March 2017 with her role in the television series ‘Star,’ and she also appeared in the movie ‘Gringo’ in 2018. Moreover, Jackson has recently announced her role as the lesbian Jesus in the upcoming movie ‘Habit,’ which caused eyebrows to raise.

If you may recall, Paris Jackson has announced that she will appear in the anthology series American Horror Stories which will premiere on July 15, playing ‘Maya’ in her Instagram post. She stated in the post that she is humbled, excited, and grateful to announce the news as she was already a big fan of the series. In her other recent post, Jackson has revealed that she was watching the series when she was a young teen and she dreamed of seeing her name to the theme song. Saying she has far too much gratitude, she then hoped for the fans to enjoy the series.

Paris Jackson’s Instagram post read:

“I remember as a young teen watching season by season, always wanting to see my name, in this font, to this theme song… the amount of gratitude I have is fucking unreal. hope you guys enjoy, get scared, and get hooked.”

Moreover, on Twitter, a fan questioned her appearance in the series asking why Jackson is in American Horror Stories. Upon seeing the tweet, Jackson has nippingly responded saying it was because she has auditioned.

The fan’s tweet read:

“Why is Paris Jackson in AHS?”

Jackson’s response in her tweet is:

Because I auditioned, lol.”

Below is Jackson’s tweet in a response to the fan.