Paris Jackson Opens Up About Her Experience Of Abuse Similar To Paris Hilton

Pop icon Michael Jackson‘s daughter, also a musician herself, Paris Jackson revealed that she had similar experiences as her close friend, Paris Hilton when she has been into a reformatory school in Utah, apparently, both Paris Hilton and Paris Jackson experienced abuse during their time in boarding school.

As you may remember, Paris Hilton revealed that she was being abused while she was going to the Provo Canyon School in her documentary ‘This is Paris’ which was released September 14, 2020, in addition to an interview with People Magazine in the same month.

Along with opening up about her past experiences as a teenage girl in order to spread awareness and raise her voice so that other young girls can see a strong role model to look up to if they are faced with a similar situation, Paris also started a petition on to have that school closed.

After seeing Paris Hilton’s petition, Paris Jackson shared a post on her official Instagram stories, showing her support for her friend and helping her cause to close the Provo Canyon School. Jackson also revealed she also went to a boarding school just like Hilton and she had been suffering from PTSD because of her time in the boarding school.

During a recent interview, Paris Jackson once again opened up about Paris Hilton’s heartbreaking experience and stated that she also experienced the same abuse just as Hilton, while she was a teenage girl in a boarding school in Utah. Furthermore, Jackson expressed her admiration for Hilton by stating that she is an uplifting, strong woman.

Here is what Jackson said:

I went through some very, very similar experiences with those kinds of teen places. I went to another school in Utah. She’s been through a lot and it’s amazing to see her come out of the other end … a diamond. The importance of setting a good example as a strong woman, and being able to uplift other women. We don’t really have as great a head start as some men.”

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