Paul Stanley Says Gene Simmons Thinks Everything Revolves Around Him

KISS members, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer recently joined a question and ask event as a part of KISS Kruise X. During the interview, Paul shared why Simmons thinks everything is about him.

After KISS announced their 10th-annual Kiss Kruise, their fans got very excited to spend time and go on a sea adventure with their idols. The Kruise, which was including special guest stars, live performances, face painting, and karaoke events, started on October 21, 2021, and ended on November 2, 2021. Every day had a different theme, Psycho Circus, Dress As Your Favorite KISS Song, Halloween, ’80s Night, and Pajama Night.

In addition, KISS members organized and attended a question and answer event to reconnect their longtime and dedicated fans after many KISS concerts and live events in which people could spend time by following strict rules due to the global pandemic. Since the Kruise staff and attendees were very careful about the precautions, the fans were able to share special moments with the artists on this legendary trip.

Paul Stanley shared his ideas and feelings about Simmons’ characteristics as his bandmate and friend saying that the bassist always thinks that the world revolves around him since he was an only child. Stanley emphasized that this is the main reason behind his attitudes toward everyone. It seems that the duo likes to make fun of each other and their fans got very happy by defining the moments as unforgettable.

Stanley said in his interview that:

“Gene babbles a lot. Gene is an only child and for that reason, he tends to think that everything revolves around him, that everything that ever happened, happened around him.”

You can watch the event below.