Paramore Continues To Cancel More Festival Dates But Hint At A New Project

Paramore has recently announced the cancellation of their performances at several major festivals in an Instagram story while hinting at an upcoming new project.

The band shared the following message about the issue:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, Paramore can no longer attend and perform at Vive Latino in Mexico City, Festival Estéreo Picnic in Bogotá, and Lollapalooza Brazil in São Paulo. In their place, Kings of Leon have been confirmed. Paramore thanks them and apologizes for any inconvenience. They will see you in the next era.”

Paramore’s Other Cancellation

This follows their recent withdrawal from the iHeartRadio ALTer EGO show, also due to ‘unforeseen circumstances,’ with Fall Out Boy filling in for their absence. Here is their announcement on Instagram:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, Paramore can no longer attend and perform at iHeartRadio ALTer EGO on January 13. The band apologizes for any inconvenience.”

Social Media Silence Sparks Speculation

Around the same time as these cancellations, Paramore cleared their social media accounts, leaving fans in a state of speculation and concern. Their website displays a ‘404 Not Found’ message, and their profile pictures across platforms are missing. This sudden digital blackout has led to various theories among fans on platforms like the Paramore subreddit, ranging from concerns about the band’s future to speculations of a new project or change in record label management.

Facing The Future And A New Creative Effort

The band’s mysterious social media activity coincided with the end of their contract with Atlantic Records following their latest album, ‘This Is Why.’ Paramore acknowledged the uncertainty about their future, writing on Instagram:

“Now that Paramore has spent the year touring behind ‘This Is Why’ (and making sure to take better care of themselves while they’re at it), a chapter of the band’s career has come to a close. They’ve now fulfilled all label obligations and are effectively free agents. As for the future of Paramore, all three members agreed that there’s a level of uncertainty.”

Despite the uncertainty and cancellations, Paramore has teased an exciting new project: a Talking Heads tribute cover and music video in collaboration with A24. A post on their Instagram showed Hayley Williams unboxing an oversized suit jacket reminiscent of David Byrne’s iconic style. A24 also hinted at the collaboration, revealing a project featuring 16 tracks from 16 artists, with Paramore’s cover of Talking Heads’ 1983 hit ‘Burning Down the House’ being the first track.

See their recent Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Paramore – Instagram