Pantera’s Rex Brown Admits Entering A ‘Black Hole’ After Dimebag Darrell’s Passing

Losing a bandmate is always challenging, but Rex Brown and Dimebag Darrell went beyond being bandmates. The pair were like brothers, and Rex got emotional as he recalled his relationship with Dime and disclosed how he had found himself in the dark after the guitarist’s tragic death during a recent interview with Gibson TV.

The anniversary of Dime’s death was just a few days ago, and to Rex, the wound is still as fresh although it was almost two decades ago. This tragedy had drifted the former Pantera members even more apart as the late Vinnie Paul blamed Phil Anselmo for his brother’s murder. Still, despite all the controversy, Brown has been the quieter part of this argument as the bassist chose to avoid disputes with any of his bandmates and mourned Dime in silence.

“But [the Abbott brothers] thought they needed to fare well. ‘These guys are going to do this, and we better put a band together,’” recalled Rex as he recalled Pantera’s dissolution and Dime’s band, Damageplan. “I had talked to Dime several times preceding what had happened to him and that tragedy. I’d spoken with him three or two and a half weeks before he was gonna get home.”

Brown then got emotional as he discussed Darrell’s death. He said, “And then after that, I’ll just say that I went into a black hole for about five years. Just care for other people and the mood they are in. You can either drive it on or push it to the brink, or you can find those good qualities and make that happen. He was one of those special, special, special people… Amen.”

It was tough for the bassist to discuss Dime’s death, but with how he recalled the guitarist’s genius, it might be safe to say that Darrell’s legacy is in good hands. It also seems the recent Pantera reunion is doing its best to celebrate and honor Dime and Vinnie, as the tour got the permission of the late drummer’s estate.