Ozzy Osbourne’s Wife Sharon Says She Dreamt About Getting Married To John Lennon


The well-known television personality, who’s also known as the Prince of Darkness’ wife, Sharon Osbourne, recently posted a video from an old interview on her Twitter account and recalled the time when she thought she would get married to the Beatles’ icon John Lennon.

As you know, the Osbournes are one of the most iconic couples not only in the rock scene but in Hollywood too. The couple has seen it all, from Ozzy’s bat-eating days to starring in a television show together. Sharon and Ozzy have been together for nearly four decades and it’s almost impossible to imagine them apart.

However, it seems like Ozzy Osbourne was not the first rockstar that Sharon had set her eye on as in an interview with Rachel Ray in 2019, she revealed that she had a major crush on the Beatles’ icon John Lennon. It was probable that the two would meet as Sharon’s father was a music executive who had signed Black Sabbath and although she wished it were the Beatles, it probably was for the best.

Sharon recently posted a clip from her interview with Rachel Ray in 2019, for which Sharon was asked to write a letter to her 13-year-old self. In the letter, one of the things that the now-Sharon warned the teenage-Sharon about, was that she would never marry John Lennon.

In the interview, she revealed that when she was a teenager she really thought it was meant for her to marry her Prince Charming, John Lennon, as even their birthdays were on the same day. However, she ended up marrying a different type of Prince, the Prince of Darkness which was close enough.

Here’s what Sharon said in her tweet:

“Once upon a time I thought John Lennon was going to be my Prince Charming.”

This is what she said during the interview:

“P.S. You’re also not going to marry John Lennon. It’s like, I honestly thought that it was aligned. Because we had the same birthday. And I thought this is it, you see, we have the same birthday. It’s meant to be. And as soon as he sees me I’m going to be like Priscilla, he’s going to pick me, we’re going to ride off into the sunset.”

And the interviewer said:

“You did get a prince. You got a cool Dark Prince.”

You can check out the interview below.