Noel Gallagher Recalls His Near-Fatal Night With U2’s Bono

Noel Gallagher recently appeared on Ryan Tubridy’s Late Late Show and shared details about his worst hangover after a night out with U2‘s Bono and how he couldn’t believe the stamina the frontman had after that much to drink.

Gallagher had even previously praised his friend for his drinking abilities to Vice in 2015 by saying that ‘he’s a brilliant company’ during their nights out until the sun returns. While Bono can do a gig the next day and handle his booze, Noel needs time to recover and is more of a lightweight. So this incident when Noel woke up in Bono’s house during U2’s 2017 ‘Joshua Tree’ tour, not knowing how he got there, wasn’t that hard to imagine.

Noel Gallagher’s words about his worst hangover with Bono read:

I woke up in his [Bono’s] house – I had no idea how I got there. We were on tour [together] and were due in Paris to do a show the next day. Alcohol had been taken on board, and I was hanging – the worst I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

Before the plane landed, B [Bono] says, ‘I’ve got to go and see somebody, but I’ll see you back at the hotel,’ and I was like, ‘Thank God he’s going.’ So, he goes off in some big motorcade, and I get back to the hotel, and I’m dying to get into bed. I ordered some food. And I was in a mess, properly in a mess, had the shakes.”

While Noel needed to recluse back to his room and take a second, Bono was on the TV with the French president having a stimulating conversation that showed the musicians’ tolerance for alcohol.

“As I was waiting for my food to come, I turned on the telly – and there he was with the president of France, in front of the world’s press, and I was like, ‘What the f*ck?’

There was nearly a fatality – I nearly died – and there he is discussing the monetary situation somewhere with somebody about something, and I was like, ‘Who puts batteries in this guy?”

Given their close-knit friendship, this nearly fatal hangover should come as no surprise. Gallagher had mentioned that Bono would be the first person he would call if he came across a dead body. So a night that left him at Bono’s is not that far off from imagination.