Ozzy Osbourne’s Brave Reaction To Death Threats

Black Sabbath became the trailblazer of heavy metal music with its unique sounds, notable lyrics, and the talents of the band members; Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, and Ozzy Osbourne. They were not only the best instrumentalists but also remarkable songwriters.

While the group gained a lot of commercial success throughout its career, the fame took its toll on some group members, especially Osbourne. His uncontrollable drug and alcohol abuse and provocative actions on stage led to his dismissal from Black Sabbath and death threats from both satanic and Christian groups. Unlike many people, these threats didn’t intimidate the Prince of Darkness.

What Did Ozzy Osbourne Do Upon A Cop’s Warning?

As one of Black Sabbath’s singers, fans couldn’t disregard Osbourne’s contribution and influence on the next generation of rockers. His departure from the band resulted in Black Sabbath undergoing several lineup changes. Despite the group working with many talented singers to fill Osbourne’s place, no one could replace him.

The group worked with numerous singers, including Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, David Donato, and Glenn Hughes. However, none of them stayed in the group for long, which caused more tension and problems among the group members with each departure and new hire.

Certain behaviors caused Osbourne to spiral out of control, one of which was his uncontrollable drug and alcohol addiction. The other that caused him to receive death threats from Satanist and Christian groups in the early 1970s was his obscure performances on stage. He even talked about this in a 2009 interview with Simon Greene of ScotlandOnSunday.

The Prince of Darkness stated that he received countless threats, including a death threat. During a live performance, a police officer once warned him about a guy trying to shoot him on stage. Osbourne didn’t want to anger his fans waiting for him to take the stage and decided to get on with the show regardless of a possible assassination plan.

About receiving death threats in the early 1970s, Osbourne said:

“I’ve had numerous threats in my life. They were going to shoot me one night. I go to this gig, and there’s this strange vibe going down backstage, and all of a sudden, this cop walks in and goes, ‘We’ve had it from a very good source that this guy is going to try and shoot you tonight, what do you want to do?’ I went, ‘Well, they’re in, so if I don’t go on, they’re going to get f*cking pissed off. They’re not going to shoot me when I’m on stage; I don’t think.’ I thought I’d move around a bit more, use Tony, my assistant, as a shield.”

The death threats resulted from his actions on stage, which included encouraging his audience to throw offal, blood, and meat on stage. He even once performed a fake hanging of a dwarf on stage, which created more noise and threat to the rocker. Not everybody was happy about Osbourne’s presence when his reputation as a performer combined with the crazy rumors about his life.