Ozzy Osbourne Shares Eric Clapton’s Only Condition To Play On His New Record

Ozzy Osbourne recently spoke to Revolver and revealed that Eric Clapton had some demands from him before accepting his offer to play on his latest album, ‘Patient Number 9.’

The Black Sabbath icon, who has been pursuing a solo career since he departed from the band, released his last and thirteenth solo effort, ‘Patient Number 9‘ on September 9, 2022. Some prominent names in the rock scene also contributed to Ozzy’s new album. While the lead single and title track, ‘Patient Number 9’ featured Jeff Beck, the following single ‘Degradation Rules’ had Tony Iommi on the guitar.

In the third single, ‘Nothing Feels Right,’ Zakk Wylde accompanied Ozzy Osbourne this time. Besides those, other musicians like Mike McCready, Josh Homme, Duff McKagan, and Chad Smith also contributed to this album. With his unique guitar sound, Eric Clapton was also featured in the fifth track, ‘One of Those Days.’

While speaking about his collaboration with the famous guitarist, Ozzy explained that Eric Clapton initially had some concerns related to the song’s lyrics, especially the part: ‘Killing myself but I never die/It’s one of those days that I don’t believe in Jesus.’ In these lines, Ozzy had tried to portray his despair about life and the loss of his belief in everything. However, Clapton wanted to make some changes in the lyrics because they made them uncomfortable.

Although they tried to replace the line with another phrase, it failed to give the original feeling. So, Ozzy told the guitarist that those lines would remain the same and it was okay if he didn’t want to perform. Yet, Clapton still accepted Osbourne’s offer to play on the record, although his demands weren’t met. The rocker believes that Eric significantly contributed to the track with his exceptional guitar work.

Ozzy Osbourne speaking on Eric Clapton’s condition to change the lyrics:

“When you capture something on record, sometimes you can’t reproduce it the same. You get the same notes, but not the vibe, the feeling of what you captured. I said, ‘If you don’t want to play, I’ll get it.’ And then he went, ‘Okay, I’ll play on it,’ which is great. The guitar is f*cking phenomenal.”

You can listen to ‘One of Those Days’ below.