Ozzy Osbourne Reacts To His Latest Triumph With ‘Patient Number 9’

Known for his ability to rise from the ashes, Ozzy Osbourne achieved another milestone in his long-lasting career. The Prince of Darkness now celebrates the two Grammy Awards he won for ‘Best Rock Album’ and ‘Best Metal Performance.’ Ozzy released a statement on his official website to share his excitement with his devoted fans.

Osbourne has been dealing with many health problems in the last few years, which have kept him from giving live performances. However, last year, Ozzy made his fans’ day by announcing the release of his new album, ‘Patient Number 9,’ in which he collaborated with many significant musicians, including Tony Iommi, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck.

The Black Sabbath icon has shown tremendous effort to continue his music career the way he wants to. He claimed multiple times that his music was the motivation behind the endeavor he put into his medical recovery. While Osbourne’s latest album showed that he is still back in the game despite all the health problems, his recent decision to retire from touring came as a shock for his fans worldwide. However, even during retirement, Osbourne managed to make the headlines with his latest victory with ‘Patient Number 9.’

The album landed at the top of many rock categories on Billboard’s various lists. Following its initial success and positive fan feedback, it won two Grammy Awards for ‘Best Rock Album’ and ‘Best Metal Performance’ last Sunday. For these wins, Osbourne made a short commentary on his official website. Ozzy also didn’t forget to mention his dear old bandmate Tony Iommi in his statement.

Osbourne’s statement followed:

“I’m one lucky motherf*cker to have won the ‘Best Rock Album’ Grammy. I was blessed to work with some of the greatest musicians in the world, and Andrew Watt as my producer on this album. Winning the ‘Best Metal Performance’ was equally gratifying, being that the song featured my longtime friend and Black Sabbath bandmate, Tony Iommi.”

After his health scare, this success clearly shows that Osbourne’s love and passion for his music will always dominate any issues he may have. Apparently, despite his bodily struggles, he won’t stop making music in the near future.