David Gilmour Confesses His Two Regrets About Syd Barrett For The First Time

David Gilmour of Pink Floyd appeared in a new documentary, ‘Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd.’ In the documentary, Gilmour reflected on what he could have done differently with Syd Barrett and expressed his regret.

The documentary has been in production since last year and has just been released. It provides a glimpse into the musician’s journey and also sheds light on his struggles with the impact of psychedelic substances and his eventual leave from Pink Floyd.

In the film, Gilmour revealed having ‘a regret or two’ about his late bandmate. He shared:

“We probably did about as much as we could have, although we were all very young. But I have a regret or two. I never went to see him, even though his family kind of discouraged it, and I regret that I never went up to his house and knocked on the door. I think both Syd and I might have gained something out of one or two people popping ’round to his house for a cup of tea.”

The recently released documentary contains interviews conducted by Gilmour’s childhood friend, the late Storm Thorgerson. These interviews feature several people, including Barrett’s family, friends, lovers, Nick Mason, Gilmour, and Roger Waters.

The film is titled after an unreleased song that Barrett brought to his final practice session with Pink Floyd and will primarily highlight the band’s early days and Barrett’s life.

See the trailer below.