Ozzy Osbourne Names The Album He ‘Could Have Recorded Better’

People change, and so do their music tastes. Ozzy Osbourne has released numerous hit albums throughout the years, but if he had a chance, even he would go back and make some changes to his releases. Speaking to Goldmine in a recent interview, the Prince Of Darkness admitted there was an album in his catalog that he could’ve recorded better.

Looking through Ozzy Osbourne’s music catalog, almost no album was a failure. His Black Sabbath records were highly successful, and the efforts he released as a solo musician achieved commercial success — the first seven of his 13 solo studio albums received multi-platinum certifications. However, Ozzy believes he could’ve recorded one of his albums better.

“I don’t have a favorite song, per se,” said Ozzy Osbourne when looking back on the albums he has released so far. “There are albums I like more than others. I mean, ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ with Randy Rhoads was special, a very special album. ‘Bark at the Moon’ was okay, considering what I was going through emotionally.”

He then revealed he could’ve made ‘The Ultimate Sin a better album,’ admitting, “Then it was ‘The Ultimate Sin,’ which was ‘I can take it or leave it.’ Some good songs, but I felt I could have recorded it better. The next big album for me was ‘No More Tears.’ That’s still a great album. I still like hearing them songs.”

So, Ozzy believes that he would record the songs featured in ‘The Ultimate Sin’ in a better way if he had a chance to go back in time. Although the metal icon thinks that way, the album was his highest-charting effort at the time of its release, and it was awarded Platinum status soon after hitting the record stores.