Paul McCartney Addresses The ‘Witchcraft Theory’ About His Classic Song

If you have theories regarding a Paul McCartney song being about witchcraft, you might find this article quite helpful because you will get all the answers from McCartney himself. Recently, the Beatles icon chatted with his website and discussed if ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ is about witchcraft and secret rituals.

So, people have been theorizing that a few lyrics of the all-time classic track might have a secret message beneath them. As McCartney sings, ‘the moon’s right, the spirit’s up,’ many have commented that the song was about witches secretly meeting at night and pretending to have fun when an outsider comes.

“Oh yeah,” joked Paul when he was asked if these joyful lyrics were about witchcraft. “Well, thank goodness they found me out. This is completely true, and in actual fact, I am the head wizard of a Liverpool coven. Either that… or it’s complete nonsense. And you know it’s the latter.”

As it turns out, the lyrics didn’t even say ‘the moon,’ and it was a misunderstanding. McCartney said, “It’s ‘the mood’! This is the mood; I’ve gathered together the witches and wizards… I’ve got ‘the mood,’ which is what we in wizardry call it. The thing is about this stuff; it’s so easy to convince half the people in the world. You do have to be a little bit careful.”

He continued, “No, it’s ‘the mood.’ And you know what, I’m thinking about Liverpool Christmas parties; that’s really all I’m doing with that song. ‘The mood is right, let’s raise a glass, the spirit’s up,’ you know, all the stuff you do at Christmas. Particularly with my old Liverpool family parties.”

So, as Paul joked that he was a wizard himself, he made it clear that the theory had no truth in it and originated from a simple misunderstanding. So, no, the famous track is not about witchcraft. Still, if you want to believe the theory, go ahead and have fun.