Ozzy Osbourne Explains His Retirement Plans

Due to his several health setbacks, metal icon Ozzy Osbourne has been frequently asked to detail his plans to retire, but the singer doesn’t intend to stop, as he has revealed quite a few times. In a recent interview with Consequence, Osbourne confirmed that he would not be retiring anytime soon because he thinks he still has things to do.

“I watched an interview on YouTube the other day,” recalled Ozzy. “One of the Beatles, and he was saying when the Beatles decided to stop touring, it was okay for a while, but then you do an album, and you miss that audience reaction. It’s kind of what happened with me. I did ‘Ordinary Man,’ and I went back in and did ‘Patient Number 9,’ and then you go, ‘What now?’”

Osbourne continued, sharing that he thinks there are still many opportunities for him to follow out there. He said, “And that’s what strives me to keep going and makes me want to carry on. ‘You’ve achieved everything. What are you still doing it for?’ Another question I often get asked is what’s my best album. And I always say, ‘Well, I haven’t made it yet.’”

In August 2022, the former Black Sabbath frontman returned to live performance by making a surprise guest appearance at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, marking his first show in three years. Although he released his latest record ‘Patient Number 9’ in September, the singer didn’t get a chance to support it with a tour. He’s now focused on getting strong enough to hit the road again.

Considering his statements, it seems like Ozzy has really missed performing on stage in front of an audience with whom he has a special relationship. His long-delayed No More Tours 2 is finally set to begin in May 2023 in Europe, marking his return to the road. He also intends to meet with his fans with new original material as soon as possible.