Ozzy Osbourne Admits Having Doubts About His Live Performance

Despite his health issues, Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t want to retire and stop making music. However, it seems like the Prince of Darkness is pissed off that his latest surgery still affects his life. During an interview on SiriusXM, Ozzy updated fans on his health and admitted having doubts about whether he could perform live on stage.

“It is so f*cking tough,” Ozzy Osbourne exclaimed when asked about his 2023 tour. “Because, I mean, I want to be out there. I want to be doing it. This f*cking surgery this guy did. F*cking hell, you have no idea. The thing is, my head is all right, my creativity is okay, my singing okay, but I just can’t f*cking walk much now.”

Ozzy’s 2003 quad bike accident changed lots of things in his life. Following the incident, he underwent emergency surgery because he broke his collar bone, eight ribs, and a neck vertebra. However, these weren’t enough for him to recover completely. It later turned out that Ozzy needed another surgery on his neck.

Osbourne has been having trouble walking properly since May. After his life-changing surgery on his spine, the musician appeared at the final performance of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, to fans’ surprise. However, he hasn’t fully recovered yet. In fact, the Prince Of Darkness still has doubts about performing on stage again.

Following the release of his ‘Patient Number 9,’ Ozzy Osbourne couldn’t support it with a tour. As it appears, he has missed getting on stage and performing for his fans. Although he still has trouble walking following the surgery, Ozzy had said in another interview that he has no intention of retiring.