Avenged Sevenfold Launch Virtual Reality Concert: ‘Fans Will Be Blown Away’

Avenged Sevenfold has launched a new virtual-reality concert titled ‘Looking Inside.’

This 26-minute performance was created in collaboration with the VR company Amaze VR and showcases all of the band members. The show is currently available on Apple Vision Pro and MetaQuest VR through AmazeVR Concerts. As per information from Reddit, the virtual concert includes performances of songs such as ‘Mattel,’ ‘Hail To The King,’ ‘(D)eath,’ ‘Nightmare,’ and ‘Nobody.’

M. Shadows, the frontman of the band, expressed his excitement in the trailer of the concert, stating that fans will be blown away by the experience:

“Visually what I’m the most proud of is the flowers and cutting between scenes. To be able to kind of walk around in there and see the flowers growing and then cutting to an individual and then back to the band, I think it’s kind of compelling. Being able to combine the best aspects of what a live show and technology offers is what excites us the most about our VR concert, and what we’ve created with the two is pretty compelling. Lots of our fans already know the intricacies of our performances, but I think they’re going to be blown away when they can get closer than ever before.”

What Will Fans Be Getting?

The CEO and co-founder of Amaze VR, Steve Lee, explained the experience fans will be witnessing with the concert:

“We’re giving Avenged Sevenfold fans a perfect moment frozen in time. Our technology allows app goers to preserve and experience the highest quality and detailed performance over and over again. We knew that Avenged Sevenfold was the perfect choice to debut our rock genre, they are constantly challenging the norm, experimenting with new technology, all to prioritize connecting with their fans.”

As part of the ‘Looking Inside’ concert, a rendition of “Mattel” from last year’s Life Is But A Dream will be accessible for VIP pass holders during Avenged Sevenfold’s upcoming US tour. This exclusive content will be viewable in what marketing materials refer to as a ‘VIP lounge.’

You can see the trailer below.