Original AC/DC Singer: ‘No One Ever Expected The Band To Be As Massive As It Became’


AC/DC original lead singer Dave Evans recently opened up about his tenure with the band during an appearance on Argentina’s América TV and revealed if he ever thought the band was going to become as successful as it is now. Apparently, all band members had dreams, however, AC/DC ultimately exceeded beyond expectations.

For those of you who might not know, Dave Evans had a brief tenure with AC/DC as the band’s original lead vocalist from its formation in November 1973 until September 1974. Evans only recorded one single named ‘Can I Sit Next To You, Girl’ / ‘Rocking in the Parlour’ during his time with the band which was released in Australia and New Zealand and later re-recorded by Bon Scott who replaced Evans officially in October 1974.

After parting his way with AC/DC, Dave Evans performed with a number of other bands including Rabbit with whom he released six singles and two albums between 1975 and 1977, as well as ‘Dave Evans & Hot Cockerel’ and ‘Dave Evans Thunder Down Under,’ both of which released one self-titled album. Since then, Evans has been working as a solo musician who released six solo CDs.

During a recent interview, the original AC/DC singer was asked about the success of the band and if the band members including him saw this extraordinary success coming that made the band the ninth-highest-selling artist in the United States and the 16th-best-selling artist worldwide in addition to being regarded as one of the greatest artists of hard rock.

Apparently, all the members of AC/DC saw themselves being an international act when they first started making music together, however, nobody predicted the band becoming the phenomenon that it’s today, and has been for the past decades which is perfectly normal since AC/DC managed to achieve every success most likely every other band never even imagined.

The original singer of AC/DC said these about the band:

“No one ever expected the band to be as massive as it became, but we did believe that we were gonna make it worldwide. We already that mindset, to be an international band, but we never thought, of course, it would be as massive as it is.”

You can watch the interview below.