Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Shares Her ‘Self Harm Clock’

Michael Jackson’s musician daughter Paris Jackson recently shared a picture on her official Instagram stories revealing her self-harm clock. The young artist previously opened up about her struggles with mental health as well as her suicide attempts, and now she has been avoiding self-harm for the past 904 days.

For those of you who may not know, Paris Jackson has always been candid went it comes to her struggles with depression and mental health issues. The ‘Wilted’ singer admitted her longtime struggle of substance abuse during interviews and said she had been an intravenous drug addict by the young age of 14. Even before that age, Paris attempted suicide several times, and her family sent her to a therapeutic school in Utah named Provo Canyon School to prevent further damage.

Unfortunately, that school was the exact same one businesswoman Paris Hilton opened up about in her documentary, ‘This Is Paris.’ The school is notorious for abusing young women both physically and emotionally which caused deeper problems to Jackson’s mental health since she was subjected to abuse while seeking help for her depression and suicidal thoughts.

During an interview couple of months ago, the ‘Let Down’ singer opened up about those times and stated that not succeeding while trying to kill herself made her treat herself even worse. Not getting the help she needed back then, Paris Jackson was in a dark place for years and fortunately for her fans, family, and friends, the singer is in a better place now.

Being a survivor herself, Paris Jackson now tries to support others in overcoming their mental health issues to prevent suicide. She recently shared a picture on her official Instagram stories and made a bold move by revealing her self-harm clock with the title of ‘cutting.’ Apparently, the young musician also was cutting herself back then and now it has been 904 days since she avoided self-harm. 

The daughter of Michael Jackson also stressed how anything is possible since she managed to stop harming herself nearly for the past three years. Encouraging her fans to believe they can do the same exact thing, Paris captioned a hashtag, supporting suicide prevention as well.

In her IG story, Paris captioned:

“My self-harm clock. Anything is possible!”

You can see the Instagram story below.

Photo Credit: Paris Jackson – Instagram Stories