OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder Supports A Victim Of Online Sexual Exploitation


OneRepublic shared their frontman Ryan Tedder’s conversation with a cybersex trafficking victim on World Day against Trafficking in Persons on its Instagram account. They revealed that the band joined forces with IJM to raise awareness against sex/cybersex trafficking and to support the victims.

International Justice Mission is an international and independent organization that aims to fight forced labor slavery, sex trafficking, cybersex trafficking, and child sexual assault all around the world. IJM especially draws attention to child abduction from third-world countries to be physically, psychologically and sexually abused.

Cassie, who was one of the victims of cybersex trafficking, had a conversation with Ryan Tedder as a part of the collaboration of IJM and OneRepublic. During the conversation, she shared her own story of how she was forced to be a part of the trafficking ring and why she decided to become an IJM advocator. Cassie highlighted that online sexual exploitation of children started in their schools when a man approached them pretending to be their distant relatives.

As a survivor of cybersex trafficking, Cassie became an IJM advocator to warn children and their families against online sexual exploitation. The conversation between Tedder and Cassie was shared on OneRepublic’s official Instagram account to announce the band’s recent collaboration with International Justice Mission. Also, the band invited everyone to join the fight against this important cause.

OneRepublic’s Instagram post was written like that:

“Today is World Day against Trafficking in Persons.

Recently, Ryan had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Cassie*, a survivor of the online sexual exploitation of children, to learn about her story, advocacy, and dreams.

No one should ever be bought or sold. We’ve partnered with IGM to end trafficking and violence everywhere – for good. They are relentless in the pursuit to make justice unstoppable, and we won’t stop until we are all free.

Join the fight. Follow IGM or head to their website.

*a pseudonym.”

You can watch the video below.