Nuno Bettencourt On His Decision To Quit Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party

Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt opened up to Classic Rock about the band’s latest album ‘Six’ and also reminisced about his short time with Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party and his decision to quit. The guitarist explained:

“I was a big Jane’s Addiction fan and a big Perry Farrell fan. He’s a f*cking incredible performer, an incredible writer, and so just to get in the room to do stuff with him was amazing.”

He also shared his experience on tour with the band and said:

“But on tour, there was some…. personal, cultural kind of things happening that I don’t even want to get into, and I left. When conversations about Extreme returning started, I was ready.”

In 2007, when Extreme was in talks to get back together, the guitarist shared that he chose to return to his original band. Now the band released their first new album in 15 years this past June titled ‘Six.’

Even though the album was a long time coming, there were some disappointed fans. Regarding the mixed reactions from fans, the guitarist told Total Rock:

“One song would be heavy, and then it’d be like ‘More Than Words,’ and then it’d be a Frank Sinatra track. People were like, ‘What is wrong with these guys? They can’t decide who they want to be.’ Somebody said to me Extreme fans aren’t gonna like this. That this isn’t Extreme. There was a part of me that went, ‘Is that so?”

You can read Nuno Bettencourt’s interview with Classic Rock here and listen to ‘Six’ below.