Justin Hawkins Discusses Extreme’s Comeback After Fans’ Disappointed Reaction

Justin Hawkins of Darkness released a new video on his Youtube channel where he revealed his thoughts on Extreme’s return with the release of their new song, ‘Other Side Of The Rainbow’.

Hawkins, before watching the music video, commented on Nuno Bettencourt’s guitar playing and mentioned the comments coming from the followers. He told:

“I have covered Extreme a lot this year, particularly due to Nuno’s guitar playing, which is outrageously good every single time. They’ve just released a new song, and a lot of you guys have asked me to react to it because of the lyrics, and you want to see me get upset with the band that I adore. We’ll see what happens. Is this the Extreme song that will let me down? Please say it isn’t so.”

The frontman watched the music video, made many different comments, and when it was done, summarised his thoughts. He said:

“Excellent stuff. I think, in summary, I’m gonna let them off with that one. ‘Baby’, no- ‘maybe, baby’, that was the rhyme. ‘Crazy’, additional third line to set up the ‘rainbow’ stuff. A narrow squeak, but I think reputationally and, you know, spiritually, Extreme remains intact and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to that.”

The video is the third he made about Extreme’s new stuff. When the band released their new single ‘Rise’ after 15 years of silence, Hawkins made the first video right away. Similarly, when the next song, ‘Rebel’ from the new album, was released, he made the second and posted it on his channel with the title ‘H*ll Yeah, This Is F***ing Incredible!’

You can watch the latest video down below.