Nuno Bettencourt Discusses Gary Cherone Snatching His Van Halen Gig

Nuno Bettencourt recently sat down with ‘Hear 2 Zen Magazine’ and recalled Extreme’s early days and what happened in the 90s amidst the album-tour cycle. He even explained why he initially held a grudge against Gary Cherone when he decided to continue with Van Halen. The guitarist explained:

“I kind of blame our managers a little bit, I blame the accountants, I blame that people who were making money off of us that didn’t want to see us take breaks and stop. We were just going and going and going — tour, album, tour, album is when I had left the band, which ended up with Gary [Cherone] going to Van Halen, and me doing some solo stuff.”

However, the rocker admitted that he could have handled him moving on with his solo stuff and Gary working with Van Halen more maturely by saying:

“I don’t regret those two things, I thought it was great that he did that and that I did that. But I wasn’t mature enough, for my head wasn’t at the place where I could just take a break. I thought it was either all in or nothing.”

More recently Extreme has returned to the music scene with their studio album ‘SIX.’ Before the album was released Gary shared on ‘The Eddie Trunk Podcast,’ how he and Nuno worked together. The rocker said:

“I think this is some of the best stuff Nuno and I have written. I think he would say the same thing… There’s only one Nuno and he outdid himself on this record. His solos blow me away. I’m proud of a lot of the songs on the record.”

You can watch Nuno Bettencourt’s interview with ‘Hear 2 Zen Magazine’ and listen to ‘SIX’ below.