Nita Strauss Wants To Collaborate With Guest Vocalists In Her Upcoming Solo Album

The touring guitarist for Alice Cooper along with a successful career as a solo artist, Nita Strauss opened up about her upcoming solo studio album during an interview with Wrestling Inc. managing editor Nick Hausman, and apparently, her fans are going to get the opportunity to see Nita’s songwriting skills.

As many of you might remember, Nita Strauss’s debut solo album, ‘Controlled Chaos‘ was released on November 16, 2018, and Strauss produced the record herself and did the majority of the engineering, in addition to playing all the guitars and bass on the album.

After the successful guitarist’s first studio album achieved great success with impressive chart positions, her fans have been waiting for the second album and Nita Strauss gave the thrilling news to her fans as she has been working on her upcoming second solo album for a while now which is going to include vocals from guest musicians as Nita revealed during an interview last month.

During a recent interview, the touring guitarist for Alice Cooper once again stated that she’s going to have guest vocalists for her upcoming record which is quite different than the first album which was all instrumental. In addition to this, Nita Strauss also revealed that she wanted to show her fans what she can do when it comes to songwriting.

Here is what Strauss said:

“I am so excited about it. And the big departure is I’m actually gonna have some guest vocalists on this one. That’s something I didn’t do previously. I just wanted to sort of taking a stand as an instrumental guitar player. And this time around, I kind of wanna show what I can do as a songwriter as well. So there’s gonna be a couple of songs that are more traditional hard rock songs that have guest vocalists on it that I’m really excited about.”

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