Nita Strauss Reacts To Being Compared To Other Female Guitar Players: ‘Stop Making It A Competition!’

Alice Cooper‘s touring guitarist Nita Strauss shared a post on her official Instagram stories revealing a poll that included her and other female guitarists, asking who is better among all of them. Strauss shared the poll and stated that there is no better, there are just four completely different guitarists in addition to stating that all should enjoy music rather than turn it into a competition.

As many of you know, fans love to choose a side in addition to picking a favorite when it comes to music along with proving that their favorite is the favorite to a majority of people. Therefore, fan pages often start a poll on social media platforms so that other fans can vote and bring out the best in the same category.

Recently, another page shared a poll that included 4 female rock guitarists, Nita Strauss, former the Runaways lead guitarist Lita Ford, Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson, former Alice Cooper guitarist Orianthi, and asked others which one is the best.

Nita Strauss shared the poll on her official Instagram stories and revealed that she sees this kind of comparison extremely often and apparently, Strauss does not enjoy being involved in such a matter since she stated that it rubs her in the wrong way every single time.

Here is what Strauss said:

“This is the kind of thing I see way too often. That rubs me the wrong way.”

Nita Strauss once again shared another post on her story and stressed the fact that all four guitar players have completely distinctive styles from each other and have nothing in common except being women, therefore, comparing them all cannot bring out the best. Furthermore, according to Strauss, rather than comparison, people should enjoy music and music only.

Here is what Nita said:

There are not four more different guitar players on the planet than the ones mentioned in this post! (Aside from the obvious- We’re all girls.) I play nothing like the legendary Nancy Wilson who plays nothing like the incredible Orianthi who plays nothing like queen Lita Ford. There’s no ‘better,’ just different. I look up to all these amazing women! Stop making it a competition and just enjoy the music! (Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.)”

You can see the Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram Stories
Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram Stories