Conan O’Brien Admits Being Embarrassed By Jeff Beck’s Backstage Comments

It would be mind-blowing for almost anyone to be complimented by one of the greatest guitarists ever to grace this world, and it was no different for Conan O’Brien. On his podcast ‘Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend,’ the comedian shared his backstage interaction with Jeff Beck, leaving him speechless after receiving praises from the guitarist for his talk show.

O’Brien recalled the early days when he would come out and warm up the crowd before his shows and sing Elvis’s ‘Burning Love.’ After one of his warm-up sessions with the crowd, he realized Jeff Beck was there to watch the show, making him freak out the whole time he was hosting.

Afterward, the two chatted, leaving O’Brien in shock as Beck complimented the comedian for the talk show and even showed signs of admiration for his position. Unable to believe the words he was hearing from the guitarist, Conan immediately began to make statements to point out that he was ‘Jeff Beck.’

Conan O’Brien’s words about his backstage interaction with Jeff Beck read:

“I do remember one time when I came out, I used to warm up the crowd myself in the early 90s, I’d go out, and I would warm up the crowd and actually like break a sweat and warming up the crowd myself, not so cool because then I do the monologue, no one in America saw that part I’d start the monologue, and I looked kind of sweaty and damp, and people thought he was a nervous wreck, and I’m like, no no I just warmed up the crowd, but no one knew anyway. I’m in the crowd warming up the crowd, and there was even a part where I used to sing Elvis’s ‘Burning Love’ as a joke, and people really like liked it because it was so over the top, and I’m doing it, and I finish, and I’m like down on one knee, and Jeff Beck is sitting in the crowd to watch the talk show.”

He added:

“He had, I think, stood in line or maybe, I don’t know, but he went to see the show, so I was freaking out the whole show. We get through it at the end of the show, I’m talking to him out in the hallway, and he’s saying things like, ‘Must be great to have a talk show,’ and I said, ‘What?’ He’s like ‘You get to have chats with all kinds of people, and you control…’ and I was like, ‘You’re Jeff Beck! You’re what we all want to be.’ He’d be sort of shrugging it aside like, ‘I know I play a little guitar,’ but then he’s like, ‘to be able to have different entertainers and you chat with them, and then there’s a commercial, and then you come back, and then there’s more of you chatting, and it’s just a nice milieu.’ I’m like, ‘No.'”

Conan’s introduction to Beck was not only at his talk show, which the guitarist had come to watch, but their backstage get-together made the experience even more special with the guitarist’s kind words toward the work the comedian did every night.